CG Connection

Sunday, January 28th

Highlights & Hugs

The weather was cold and rainy for our 7th Annual Movie Client Appreciation Party. That’s perfect movie watching weather, in my opinion. It's always great fun to see and chat with all of you at this event. Hard to believe I've known some as far back as 11 years ago while others are currently buying or selling. It was a true pleasure to treat you to a movie date!

Check out our highlight reel from the event

Thursday, January 4th

Welcome, Adriana Scafetta!

Thanks to all of you I've been busy and needed an extra hand in 2018! Adriana Scafetta has joined as my executive assistant.

Since graduating from James Madison University in 2002 Adriana has built a career in the Washington, D.C. area helping major brands develop creative, effective marketing campaigns. Adriana spent a number of years working directly on marketing teams for celebrated television brands including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and Travel Channel. Later she was a sought out marketing consultant for those same networks, as well as the Disney Channel and Univision, travelling the globe to help build marketing initiatives in corporate offices in London, Singapore, Sydney, Milan, Warsaw and more.

Home has always been Northern Virginia however. Arlington in particular after she bought her first home there nearly ten years ago with my help! Adriana is looking forward to assisting me in serving my clients’ real estate needs!